• "Everyone here is so nice to work with," Tanner remarked. "They're patient with me. Especially early on when I had quite a bit of pain. Now the exercises are getting easier and easier. They do lots of things to make time go by faster."
  • Tanner's mother, Amy said she and her husband, Bob, chose Special Medical Therapy for Tanner's rehab because of the convenience. "Also, my grandfather, Claire Lane, had a very good experience with Special Medical Services previously. The care is first class and you can't beat the convenience of their location. We're just amazed at how far Tanner has come in just a short amount of time."
Bob Hoeft

Bob Hoeft

  • "It's surprised me how good it's come," he said. "I've been able to go into the grocery store to get groceries and yesterday I raked the yard. I can stand up at the sink and do dishes - before it hurt just to stand. Now I don't even know the (new knees) are there."
  • ...I feel great - and I truly believe Special Medical Services is a big reason why.
Joann Nixt

Joann Nixt

  • "Through therapy I am regaining range of motion I haven't had in a long time."
  • "The staff here is genuinely concerned about you, they are very friendly and always greet you when you come in. They all take the same caring interest in you and I think that really sets them apart. I very highly recommend them.

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